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Corporate identity is the visual means by which organizations, businesses, and manufacturers are recognized and distinguished from each other. It is also a means of conveying the ways in which they carry out, and values inherent in, their activities. Although corporate identity is often closely linked to logotypes, at its most effective it also embraces other aspects of corporate expression such as architecture, interiors, furnishings and uniforms, stationery, publicity, even codes of company behavior.

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Corporate Identity Stationery, Business Card and Letterhead.

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Presenting a professional business image is a must in today’s competitive business world.

And the first step toward building your company’s business image is to make sure that your stationary projects a professional image. In fact, other than your company’s logo, there’s nothing any more important in creating a strong and professional business image than your company’s stationery.

A company stationery is made off two important elements, the business card and the letterhead. Each one contain information about yourself and your company. This stationery represent your corporate identity and develop your branding at the first glance.

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