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How to protect your site from being hacked

How to clean and protect your site from being hacked.

1. Make sure wordpress is updated to latest version as well as the plugins and themes. Any theme with timthumb.php should have that file replaced with the latest version.

2. Look at all the files including the uploads folder and make sure there are no files there that should not be, hacked WP sites tend to have many files uploaded without the site owners knowledge. This will take a lot of time if the site is very active and been around for a while as there will be many files scan through. Average time I spend on a hacked wordpress site is about 6 hours to clean it up.

3. Look at all index files and JS files for eval javascript code that should not be there.

4. Have all admin users scan PC’s for virus and trogens, it is better to have only one responsible person working in the site.

5. After all above is done, change all passwords.

6. Install a WP security plug in like wordfence.

7. Delete any user that does not look right.

Not keeping WP updated is the reason most are hacked to start with and also having people that are not professionals working in the site.

If all else fails backup the database and the wp-config file and the uploads directory and delete and reinstall WP and then restore the DB.


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