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Brand building with creative strategy.

Brand Identity by Polloni DesignPolloni Design is a full service corporate identity and brand developing firm specializing in creative marketing and implementation of inspiring ideas. We identify your audience, define your marketing challenges and goals, and will develop full service strategic marketing campaigns. We implement custom media strategies, whether it be web site optimization and internet advertising, or traditional print marketing materials, we believe in engaging and retaining your customers using the appropriate media vehicle.

The name and logo of your company or product are the heart of your business. The first step to develop your brand identity. Once this name and logo are designed, the next step is to develop the brand look and feel. Based on the logo colors, typefaces and style, all marketing promotional materials needs to follow a sense of continuity. Website, ads, brochures, signs, presentations, trade shows and even packaging should be encompass. Once a person see any marketing material related to your business, they should be able to identify your product or services immediately.

Our dedicated team of branding experts helps companies all over the world develop corporate identities that make an impact with long-term staying power. We have the experience, knowledge, resources and ingenuity to develop corporate identities that exemplify what your business is, or aims to be.

Polloni Design offers all these services in a cost-effective approach, we offer packages with special savings. Contact us for a free consultation.